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  SSS   CCC H  H  OOO   OOO  L         OOO  FFFF     TTTTTT H  H  OOO  U   U  GGG  H  H TTTTTT
 S     C    H  H O   O O   O L        O   O F          TT   H  H O   O U   U G     H  H   TT  
  SSS  C    HHHH O   O O   O L        O   O FFF        TT   HHHH O   O U   U G  GG HHHH   TT  
     S C    H  H O   O O   O L        O   O F          TT   H  H O   O U   U G   G H  H   TT  
 SSSS   CCC H  H  OOO   OOO  LLLL (S)  OOO  F          TT   H  H  OOO   UUU   GGG  H  H   TT  

 _   ("-._   ("-._   ("-._   ("-._   ("-._   ("-._   ("-._   ("-._   ("-.
   )   )   )   )   )   )   )   )   )   )   )   )   )   )   )   )   )   )
  (_,-"   (_,-"   (_,-"   (_,-"   (_,-"   (_,-"   (_,-"   (_,-"   (_,-"

TheAssignment can be read there (on that link there) and TheStructureOfTheClassHasBeenAbsolved.

Assignment related discussions:

    Weekly class structure discussion board: TheClass
    The definition of Mass? (was to be defined by the 8th) 

    Did you intend the word to be pronounced as wee-kee (rhyming with leaky) or as wick-ey (rhyming with sticky)? 

This might be the first page of OurWiki, the RootPage, but who knows! This wiki is editable by everyone.

A wiki (WIK-ee) is a knowledge base on which users collaboratively modify and structure content. Wikis can work because they rely on the community to structure itself. Every change made to the site is observable. Wiki is paradoxical. There is no simple explanation for wiki. Wiki can be simple and wiki can become arbitrarily complex. It can be seen as a technical tool or as a mere foundation for social interactions. Wiki doesn't enforce a certain form of interactions or content and so can take many different forms. You'd like to have perfect content in your wiki, but then people wouldn't feel up to participate, nobody would criticize and improve it, the wiki would be without life.

It might not seem like it, but you are browsing on on a piece of Internet history. This site runs on the UseModWiki?? engine (written in the programming language Perl), a clone of the original WikiWikiWeb by Ward Cunningham. The biggest and most popular wiki today, Wikipedia, started on the UseModEngine??! It might not look very sexy, but it lays bare how wiki works. Any page is editable by clicking on Edit text of this page at the bottom. Also, YouCanUploadFiles. To create a new article or link you have two options:

    join two capitalised words together LikeThis?
    or surround words with square brackets [like that]?
    once a new empty article is created it will show up LikeThat?? (with a clickable "?" next to it). Clicking on the "?" brings you to the empty page. 

Note that these two examples don't work because I used the <nowiki> tag, which commands our engine to ignore a function. A tip is to check Edit text of this page if you see something you don't understand. You should also familiarize yourself with formatting (http://www.usemod.com/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?TextFormattingRules), actions (http://www.usemod.com/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?System) and features (http://www.usemod.com/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?UseModWiki/Features).

Toad got this wiki running. To see more about technical

MetaTalk and conversations:

    What Doest that even mean
    Future of ourwiki
    Feedback on other projects <---Doesn't this feed too much into a social media direction we want to avoid?
    ToolsForEditing <---make your own tools! 

details, check OurWikiDevelopment. Here is the OurWikiChangelog.

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