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Have you heard about MetaModernism??

No, do you want to tell us more about it?

I'd like to know more!

  Dreams are my reality

  The only kind of real fantasy

  Illusions are a common thing

  I try to live in dreams

  It seems as if it's meant to be

For me meta is kind of a big word. Makes me think a bit of metaphysics, this sort basic philosophical term that questions the nature of things and existence. But it's still a word that is quite abstract and hard to define. A good question might be, "What is real?" "Are we living in a simulated world, similar to that found in the Matrix?"

It should also be noted that it is different from Epistemology, the area of philosophical questioning that look into knowledge, ie. how we came to know of information, what limits are there to our reasoning, what is true/false nowadays.

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