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The Friday afternoon design class will, as of the launch of this wiki, stop. We will not meet at fixed intervals for the rest of the semester. Instead, MislavZugaj (that's me, just making some kind of point here) will spend the 3.5 hours "class time" throughout the week on the wiki editing, commenting and collaborating. PaulBernhard, who got this site running and on whose server it runs, will also be floating around, providing his amphibian insights. How you decide to organise and invest your time is up to you!
Just like the wiki itself, you should see me a tool that you will determine the use of. If the need arises for a group meeting, or you want to modify how the "class" is conducted, you should do so! Any of these changes have to happen through consensus however. How to reach this consensus and how to communicate it to one another (and to myself) is an important part of the assignment. I.e. what infrastructure do you need to reach consensus? It has to happen through the wiki itself. The proposals, the communication, the discussions, the conflicts and the eventual decision have to be public.

Because of the above, it's important to not email me! Any questions, misunderstandings and concerns about the assignment should be raised publicly, and should be resolved communally. I don't have answers! The only exception to the rule are emails and calls dealing with things outside the assignment that can't be discussed publicly, for that my call center is always open <3

Finally, in discussions or as a way to sign off, you should either use your real name (or your commonly known nickname) OR post anonymously (by signing with anon or not at all). Do not use a pseudonym. If you want to consider pseudonym usage, the consensus rule applies. To create an "account" just create a new page, like so this: MislavZugaj. Login under Preferences.

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