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OurWiki is running on the UseModEngine? by [UseModWiki (external)] and currently hosted on a remote server.

So far the configuration of OurWiki corresponds almost completely to the default configuration of the UseModEngine? und almost no CSS is applied. Any future propositions concerning design and development can be made here; equally we will have to find a form to collaborate or discuss on those.


The server is a ressource and a common one. Currently the server is located in Frankfurt, Germany, and it is made of actual material, auch as metal, sand, oil, etc.; we should keep this in mind and share it responsibly. OurWiki is mostly text-based which makes it extremely lightweight and energy-saving. Next to the text YouCanUploadFiles, each uploaded file claims a part of the server's ressource (or sand) and each request to an uploaded file demands energy to transfer it; again, please share the UploadDirectory? responsibly.


The code of OurWiki is currently not publicly accessible. This is due to reasons of security and due to focusing on the existing functionality of a wiki. If anything of the code is shared, it might make sense to share the [Styling / CSS].

Styling / CSS

At the moment, almost no styling is applied to OurWiki in order to keep it as close as possible to the original [UseModWiki (external)]. Further design is possible and appreciated, a solution on sharing the OurWiki's CSS file might be possible, too.


The logo of OurWiki is located under /uploads/logo.png. As mentioned in YouCanUploadFiles: Uploading a file with the same name as an existing one will override the existing file.; same counts for the logo.


(done) Secure connection with TLS (HTTPS)


Changes to the code will be documented in OurWikiChangelog.

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