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The assignment is also intimately tied to TheStructureOfTheClassHasBeenAbsolved.

In our pre-assignment meeting on 10.04.2020 we analyzed our current situations and brainstormed possible approaches to the curriculum that could resolve them. Among the things we were afraid were:

At the school, most learning happens communally, the classes and space are merely scaffolding that make it possible. Right now, you might be communicating, but you're not in a community.

In this assignment you are relieved of individual responsibility. Instead, that responsibility becomes shared. There is no specific result or many requirements to attain yet, this will be defined organically together. But there is a backbone: we will explore what it means to build a community by way of knowledge production. What concepts, guidelines, agreements will be formed? What images and visual information can mark it? As it is a community, it will be defined by the personal relationships that form it. You also should also consider how to expand wiki logic by using design? How can a more careful consideration of wiki design (non linear, collaborative knowledge) enrich the information presented?

Directions in general:

Aims until the 8th of May (2 weeks):

Aims until the critiques

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