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Morning Sun, 1952- Edward Hopper

Its not always easy to tell the difference between thinking and looking out the window.

-Wallace Stevens-

Windows are gateways to the human mind. Theyre an indispensable resource for so many dreamers out there. Theyre also important for people who need a break after a stressful day, so they lean their head against the glass on the subway trains windows. Those are the moments we start to daydream and give our brain some relief, freedom, and well-being.

This is like a backward journey. You may not always interested in whats outside, because youre pretty familiar already. But looking out the window can be a way to productivity as its an exercise in introspection. Traffic, crowds of people, a city wrapped up in the same old routines, etc Your brain tugs on you like an anchor in the deepest depths and pulls you into the sea. Its in this place that you engage in an amazing exercise for your psychological and emotional health.

We live in a world obsessed with productivity, youre well aware of that. Maybe thats why so many people have forgotten the enormous potential of daydreaming. Sometimes the most important things, or the biggest decisions, come from looking into a window. Its almost like your mind is staging a rebellion and making you do something different. Its also like getting in touch with your wisest (but hidden) self and listening to what it has to say.

 ▁▂▃▅▆▓ Ḳṅċḳ Ḳṅċḳ! So sorry to come ṅ⸚ṅṿẗḋ,  ṡṁṡ ẗ ḧṿ a nice day-dreaming going on here, stuck in poetic thoughts. I totally agree. Actually, as of now I am in a room where for the past ṅ ṅḋ  ḧḷḟ ṁṅẗḧṡ I have no windows. Having a big scaffolding ḧṛ ṛḷḷ ṁḳṡ ṁ ṗṗṛċẗ the huge benefits that you would get from even just a little window. After the first week of joy at the light-box like effect in the room, ẗ ṅẅ ḟḷṡ ḷḳ  can't breath anymore. Ṡḟḟċẗṅġ. An allegorial prison of social distancing ṡḋḋṅḷ ṡṁṡ ḷṁṡẗ ṛḷ ẅẗḧ ẗḧ ṁẗḷ ḅṛṡ and deprivation of having no windows. 

What can you see when you look through the window at night ?



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