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“Going through the Prado without lunch”. upload:vlcsnap-2020-05-29-11h50m02s018.jpg

that was someone commented on Kubrick's film Barry Lyndon. It is a story I imagined happened most in night time, or more precisely in murky English countryside, where the road has just dampened by the rains and a coach drove through unfathomable smudges.

I imagined that the scene when all the characters playing cards in dim candle lights, it almost render a special aura around the room. Where all the hidden emotions of their perfectly powered faces reflect on the off-white table cloth and sinuous gestures of waving the fans.

I have no doubt that the film has its own magic of tickling people into sleeps. It is dull but magnificent. upload:vlcsnap-2020-05-29-11h58m07s585s.jpg

a pair of storytelling eyelashes. upload:vlcsnap-2020-05-29-11h48m02s71m8.jpg

Also, on the other note this was filmed entirely in candlelight which was special for the time. Even though they lit a lot of extra candles it was unthinkable by the people at the time. Kubrick even got a special lens that was made for NASA that is able to see in really dark conditions. With an aperture of 0.7, which allows distinguishable ability to film in night. It is most real, yet unreal scene in this film. To think how night was prior to electricity also. You would have true darkness and maybe I am just being nostalgic but it has that aura of the fear that comes from the night and the endless possibilities.

What can you see when you [look through the window] at night ?



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