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Where have all the faces from TheNightRevelsOfHanXizai gone and who took them? (mentioned on Wenrui)

How to preserve a painting?


 ▁▂▃▅▆ Їṡ ẗḧ ṗṅẗṅġ ṡẗḷḷ  ṗṅẗṅġ ḟ ẗ ḷṡẗ ẗṡ ḟṛġḷ ṛ ṅḋ ḅċṁṡ ṁṁṛẗḷ ? In the  Otsuka Museum of Art--https://o-museum.or.jp/en/] famous old paintings are scanned and preserved for the next 2,000 years by printing them out on ceramic plates. Somehow it might forever lost its soul.     

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