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I think preserving a painting is not a good idea. You know, nothing can actually be preserved. Everything occasionally disappears, even our universe will. Soon. So don’t preserve it - by all means, you should burn it, accelerate the process of decay, destroy its essence. Forever, but the atoms that form the painting will continue their existence, and they will be A reminder of what it once was, even though it will be long gone. They will “remember” the painting, however, until the world disappears and becomes nothing, null, halo, the limbo.

I don’t know why but it reminds me of the story of how Lascaux cave was found.The cave was discovered by 18 year-old boy and his dog in 1940 and because of the magnificent beauty of the painting, he decided to protect the cave by guarding it with his friends.

Then the cave painting was disclosed to the public for a while, but soon closed again as too many people breathed there (apparently I can do much harm by just breathing) and as a result, the moist and heat damaged the painting seriously with mold, moss and stuff like that.

Then, mankind decided to make a replica of the cave right next to the original for those who still wants to see the painting.

Preserving a painting is one of the most human-like thing. The fact that 18 year-old boy devoted himself to guard the cave for years and people agreed to never see the original painting to protect it says something about our insticnt of leaving a trace of the pastand passing it on as far as possible.


Is making ScreenShots a way to preserve a painting?



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