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Apocalypse is a sense of time: an endpoint at which all is revealed ///

Should I stop working, my works themselves would never stop -

I am everywhere yet nowhere .

Cadillacs and Butterflies ..

Nothing and everything ...


Ask me a question: [-WLH]

  1. Good day to you siremadam, twhat sayest you on the goode life, in regarde to working and so on~~? {Asketh the bear}
  2. [indeed !] -WLH
  3. and Art thou dwellest in this fine cheesy state of Amsterdam town or perhaps conducting thyself yonder in distant lands? {Asketh the bear}
  4. Hamsterdown is far too cheesy for my liking, today I dwelleth [here], there is no telling where I Will dwelleth tomorrow -WLH
  5. To continue the thread started by the old Greek I oughest ask, what constitutes the good life for thee? {Asketh the bear}

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