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It was strange, no really!!! IT WAS!!!!


Speaking of Kings day, I also had quite some weird Kings day experiences. It would probably be the weirdest day for many people. It seems to have to something to do with the probability by population distribution. The more people you encounter, the more likely you are to see maniacs on the street.

`..`. The idea ḟ ẗḧ ḷṛġ ċṛẅḋ ṡṁẗṁṡ ċẗṿẗ ṡṅṡ ḟ ḷḷ ẗḧ ṡ ḷḳṅġ ẗ . Ḅċḳ ẗ ẗḧṡ ċḧḷḋḧḋ, ḋṛṁ ẅḧẗ if you are ẗḧ ṡẗṛṅġ ẗẗṛċẗṅ, ẅḧṛ ẗḧ ḧṿ ḷḷ ċṁ ẗ view?

Can Kingsday be [postponed]?



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