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Here is some background information of the painting.
The Southern Tang lord Li Yu heard that Han Xizai lived an "unbridled life", and sent Gu to spy on Han's home, and returned with only memory bear in mind to reflect the situation of Han Xizai's night revel, a true depiction of the depressed Han Xizai's indulgence. The painting is divided into five sections, separated by screens and tents. In the first section, "Listening to music", the characters include Li Ka-ming, the new scholar Lang Charm, Dr. Chan Chi-yong, Zwei Lang Zhun, and the dancing girl Wang Yashan; in the second section, "Watching the Dance", Han Xizai plays a drum and Wang Yashan dances; in the third section, "resting", the scene moves from motion to silence, with a guest sleeping under a quilt, Han Xizai sitting on a couch flirting with his maid, a maid covering her face with a lute; in the fourth section, "blowing clean", Han Xizai holds a fan in his right hand, watching an orchestra playing flute and bamboos; in the fifth section, "Recess to the Banquet", people lingered and forgot to leave.


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