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With 'mass' I mean an important concept in regard to the *size* of this wiki. Is mass ten thousand articles by June? Or should mass be about having less articles but that each one has to achieve a certain standard/amount of content? What is that standard? A metaphysical backbone of this mysterious wiki? Or something altogether different? What it comes down to, that mass is both a restriction and a goal, and can make your collective labour and monitoring of your shared project easier!

What do you think?

I also had to think of the Serving library (http://www.servinglibrary.org/), which is obviously great and always functions as a nice little cabinet of curiosities. The nice thing about it: everything is worth your while, everything is worth a read, everything passed rounds of editing, the only check for your engagement is wether you find something interesting or not. What would the Serving Library look like if it were a wiki? On wikipedia a short, bad article is called a stub? (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Stub) What's a stub in this context? Can the "linking team" can be like a stub police, making a challenge out of expanding every single article to a certain standard of coverage?

It is, Is it the Ass with an extra M,

the wine sediment that gathers when the glass half full is being swirled around

Hefty beings made up of collected and unmixed parts

Masked feelings that cannot be expressed cus you're in a society that demands

The masses to observe fellow taboos and be productive

The sound of Massal prayers sung by a hundred communions shuddering cathedral

Oceans of data being mined and farmed by the billion dollar companies

Arise ye, for you work day and stay this way living through the window of your phone

Can the mass be made up of dis—agreeing particles?

How does it actually sound and what can it actually do

What sparks* what ideologies* what assassination is needed to get it started

What if the mass is following [something that leads to nothing]?



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