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Anglicized spelling of LoLolonbia?.

Lolonbia is a communist forest first detailed in TravelsToLolonbia, an epistolary memoir by WWWitch, one of the 437 pseudonyms of ______ ________. Lolonbia was first thought to be fiction, but the various breakthroughs that emerged from the book's subsequent analysis famously led to the discovery of RealityFolds?, with Lolonbia located in RealityFoldSeven?.

The population of Lolonbia are usually called LoLonbiens. They never counted themselves because they never needed to. The Timezone in Lolonbia is UTC+-6. Inhabitants seem to have no idea about what time is it, although they do seem to have clocks ([Lolonbian clocks]?. Althought it is not clear if WWWitch really reached Lolonbia once, you can often hear her saying, as an answer to the question "What Time is It"?" - "It's definitely Lolonbia!". The AnthemOfLolonbia is sang twice in a year of a treelife. The 12th of June for the Lolonbiaday and before the Lolonball games.


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