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(What do walking, weaving, observing, storytelling, singing, drawing and writing have in common?)

(Imagine there is a huge circle with a line. If you cut a small part of the line from the circle and put it on the A4 sheet, can we notice that the seemingly straight line segment is actually part of the curve from a huge circle?)

I decided to perform this experiment. Here is my initial attempt. While I believe more data should be recovered before we make too hasty conclusion of this research, the initial results leave me terrified. There is clear indication of curvature, but how can we prove this? What if the line is simply being weighed down by gravity on it's lateral extremities? What is the magnitude of that force? If that is indeed the case, what is holding the line in the middle? Is the line propped up by a kind of pale finger? Why isnt this mechanism visible? Would further zooming in reveal more? What are the implications of this?

Can you draw [the flag of Lolonbia] just in one line?



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