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Leagal is the alternative* spelling of legal in Lolonbia.

The prononciation differs a bit from a side of the forest to the others. In some eastern spots, it would be pronounced more "Leeeeagle", emphesising the "eeee" and ending with a silent ending "a". This spelling comes from the drunk leprechaun of the forest cheering their glasses to each other and having to shorter their words in order to let the sounds of the glass make the fun: cling cling! In the northest side it's more said as "Leagul" because they wake up always a bit sleepy. Hard worker leprechaun.

In the center they don't say it because they don't believe in the concept of leagality. No leprechaun is illegal. Because of this, central LoLonbians don't understand when someone mentions anything related to legality. A well known stereotype and joke by northern LoLonbians is to ask "What's leagul?" when someone returns from a trip to the centre. Everybody laughs then. The joke is considered highly offensive in central LoLonbia.


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